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If you are interested in getting involved then we would love to hear from you.


There are many roles . . . . 




We hold auditions for new members in April/May each year. If you're sucessful then you don't have to re-audition each year for CHYPS. In June/July we then hold auditions for the cast members to decide who will have which part.


Rehearsals start early in September and are held twice a week, on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. All cast members must be available for rehearsals between Christmas and New Year - our peak period of activity ahead of the first performance in early January. 


The bad news: It is really important that cast members come to all rehearsals - even when it may be inconvenient.


The good news: The rehearsals are kept as informal as possible so they're always fun and you'll be with (new) friends. 


If you would like to take part please contact Sally Hunt on 07968 770913 or email


Organisers and Helpers


Putting on a panto takes a lot of organising. We encourage parents, family and friends of cast members to get involved, even if it's only to help with small tasks. Every little helps! Many of the committee members and other helpers have no family connection with performers at all - they are involved because they enjoy it. These are some of the tasks that are handled by the committee and helpers:


  • Fund Raising
  • Writing the script
  • Designing and building the set
  • Designing and making costumes
  • Sourcing and making props
  • Painting the backcloths
  • Managing child welfare
  • Publicity
  • Ticket Sales
  • Managing the website


We also need further helpers during the performances themselves. 


If you would like to help in any of these areas or offer your support then please contact Ian Hunt on 01625 529774 or email


The Band


The panto is supported by a live band of teenagers led by Alex Williams our musical Director. The band is selected each year and volunteer their time, if you would like to be considered as a band member please contact Alex at 








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